Welcome to the Colorado Rural Schools Alliance

We are working to INCREASE OPPORTUNITIES for ​Colorado’s rural students.


The Mission of the Colorado Rural Schools Alliance is to provide a structure through which rural school districts and community members can unite in their efforts to increase the opportunities available to Colorado’s rural students and communities.

Our Members

Rural districts represent the full diversity of Colorado’s geography, economy, politics and demographics. Their size also makes them nimble and able to effectively implement innovation quickly and systemically, without some of the bureaucratic barriers that confront many of Colorado’s larger school districts. Each of our members are unique with regard to their community’s specific strengths and challenges. Our members are united, however, in their commitment to increasing resources, celebrating rural education and sharing best practices to ensure that all of Colorado’s students have access to world-class education and opportunities.


The Colorado Rural Schools Alliance has launched its Rural Advocacy network to strengthen our collective Rural Voice and increase opportunities for rural students and communities.


Redefining Rural exists to elevate, celebrate, and change the way we think about rural education, communities, and opportunities in Colorado.